Check out a few recent projects

From award-winning iOS and Android app development to elegant, seamless web development, we build products that thrive at the intersection of business goals and user needs.


Telecommunications Provider

With their existing app showing its age, they engaged Fueled to upgrade and modernize their flagship mobile experience. We worked with them to design an innovative in-store experience that allows customers to interact with products and discover exclusive content as they pass through special Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) zones within the store.

Tony Robbins

Renowned business and life coach

Tony Robbins engaged Fueled to reimagine his organization’s consumer-facing offerings. From rebuilding a digital learning platform to working with management to build and rollout new products for his coaching business, we’ve helped shepherd Tony’s organization through a digital transformation.


Leading Company Insights Dashboard

Newly spun out from AOL & Verizon, Crunchbase engaged Fueled to level-up their offering by launching a native mobile experience that brought the power of their vast website to a handy mobile experience. We worked directly with senior leadership to develop a strategy for mobile that would enhance the value proposition of their premium offering.


Wellness Focused Meal Delivery

We worked with Sakara to build their first native app, simplifying the day to day meal management of their clients while also making it easier than ever to purchase Sakara's wellness focused products on the go. To achieve this, we identified pain points on their existing website and created an app design that streamline the most common workflows.


Social-Focused stock trading

Fueled wrote Public’s first line of code, handling their full stack, including the ability to process stock transactions. We went on to invest in them and help launch a business that their Series D valued at $1.2 billion. We supported the project post-launch for about a year as we helped them ramp up their team.


An App For The App People

Searching for ways to show off Apple hardware and software features to a global team of third-party sales teams, Apple tasked us with developing a gamified education platform to make Apple products become an aspirational purchase to sales teams that traditionally sold Android devices.


Biometric Identity Platform

After conquering airports and stadiums, Clear’s next move is into the broader world of digital identity. We worked with their leadership team to prepare a new offering in advance of their S1 filing to go public. From initial strategy through to execution, we rolled out a new SDK that allows any business to leverage Clear’s technology for authenticating users.


Modern Real Estate Platform

In the years ahead of going public at a $10 billion valuation, Compass engaged Fueled to level-up and grow a number of their consumer-facing apps and agent tools. We became their defacto partner when they needed reliable rollout of new features on any platform while also helping them build their in-house native mobile team.

World Food Programme

World Food Programme

The WFP runs one of the most complex distribution networks on the planet, from remote deserts to active warzones. They engaged Fueled to build a series of internal command and control tools for field offices around the world. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, but they did win a Nobel Peace Prize after we launched our product with them.