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Fueled is a Digital Transformation agency that works with enterprises and startups alike to develop their brand. As a branding agency in New York City, we are here to elevate your already existing brand or to create a completely new one from scratch.

Our team of designers and strategists are located around the globe so whether you are in the UK, Los Angeles, or anywhere else across the globe, we can deliver a modern brand design that speaks to your clients.

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Who we are - Branding agency in New York

We are best known for our web and mobile app development, however we also work with countless startups and companies to create an authentic and unique design solution for their brand. Our branding engagements deliver a visual narrative that personifies your products to create awareness, connections, and value.

Our designers and strategists are expert storytellers. We want to make sure that your brand doesn’t just look visually appealing, but articulates and conveys the values, tonality, and philosophy behind your brand and products. When you come to work with our branding agency, you leave with a complete story for your brand that will engage your users.

Let’s look at the value we added for some of our clients.

Richr - Presenting the real estate industry through varying lenses.

Richr came to Fueled with the goal of disrupting the industry by creating a platform that lets home sellers and buyers bypass the traditional gateway and list their homes on the MLS for free. In addition to web design and development, we helped the client define and solidify the Richr branding, creating a brand identity that’s modern, elegant, and unique.

The end result was a versatile bold yet minimal brand, a key aspect of the Miami real estate market, that could allow for flexibility for UI design across their mobile and web applications. Another key element of the Richr design is the sharp angle that exists in the logo and appears in all iconography. Consistency is key—we utilized the same angle across almost every touchpoint as a subtle way of tying everything together.

Dive deeper into our engagement with Richr by either reading our case study or downloading our branding engagement pdf here.

Richr - Brand Development.png

Logo Design

It’s no surprise when we say that designing the perfect logo is the most important part of a branding engagement. It not only needs to stand out and be memorable to its customers, but it needs to pack in everything from the company’s values, what they deliver, its personality, how it reflects the employees that work there, and more.

When designing a logo, Fueled heavily takes into account what the client wants from the logo, but we also look at what the employees and customers are also looking for in the brand to start guiding the design process. Ultimately, the logo is designed through collaboration between our team, our clients team, and the people they are marketing too.

Check out some of the logos we delivered to our clients.

ContentWatch - Branding Presenter 1.png


Our Branding Services

Fueled offers a wide range of design services from branding design, to UX design, to creating a unique color pallet and typography. Our services and solutions are custom tailored to your needs and there isn’t a design solution we can’t deliver for your team.

Still not convinced? Let our work speak for itself and take a look at these branding guidelines we created for our clients

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