Perks & Benefits

We take care of our team

At Fueled, we are committed to giving all of our team members - no matter where they are located across the globe - access to the opportunities and resources they need to thrive and reach their potential. Our offerings and policies consistently evolve based on what is important to our team, and demonstrate that we are committed to our employees’ entire identities, not just their work selves.

  • 12 paid holidays (days chosen by you)

    Because Fueled is a global company, we do not follow one specific calendar for national holidays. To be as inclusive as possible, we encourage employees to select the observances they wish to celebrate.

  • 12 paid sick or personal days per year

    All of Fueled’s full-time team members are entitled to up to 12 days of paid sick or personal time off per year. This time off may be used to recover from illness, or to take a personal / mental health day.

  • Unlimited vacation policy

    We believe taking time off is essential to maintaining a sustainable work/life balance, and we encourage our team members to take 20+ days off per year.

  • Annual anniversary gifts

    Every full-time team member receives a gift each year on the anniversary of their start date with Fueled.

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance plan options in US, UK, Canada and India

    All full-time team members in the US, UK, Canada, and India are eligible to receive medical, dental, and vision insurance.

  • Retirement plan available in the US and UK

    All full-time team members in the US and UK are eligible to enroll in retirement plans.

  • Performance bonuses

    At the end of each profitable year, Fueled’s full-time employees receive a bonus as a recognition of all of their hard work throughout the year.

  • Client referral bonuses

    Our team members are eligible to receive a commission on any project they bring to Fueled in the amount of 5% of total billings received during the first year of business.

  • Annual Learning & Development budgets

    We encourage continuous learning in all forms, and each department manages a budget that supports diverse growth opportunities, from in person conferences to a good old-fashioned book.

  • Guaranteed time off for the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day

    In order to help ensure team members are able to fully disconnect from work and recharge, we shut down operations of the entire company every year for the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. It also serves as an expression of gratitude to the team for their work throughout the whole year.

  • Employee Referral Bonus

    We strongly encourage our team members to participate in the recruiting process by referring potential candidates to the Talent team. Team members are eligible to receive a referral bonus if the candidate is hired to a full-time position

  • Sabbatical leave

    Fueled offers sabbatical leave as a benefit to encourage our employees to innovate, rejuvenate, learn, and pursue their passions. It’s one way to reward tenured employees who require some well-deserved, paid time off.

  • Open to remote workers in timezones between -8 and +6 GMT

    We are a geographically-agnostic team. We trust our employees to manage their time and to get their work done, regardless of what time zone they are in. We grant a lot of flexibility and ask for flexibility in return: employees generally observe working hours of 10:00A-6:00P (EST, GMT OR IST), but are expected to be flexible to attend necessary project and company meetings which may occur outside of those hours.

  • Parental Leave

    Employees in all locations have access to our parental leave policy which gives birthing parents up to 6 months of parental leave, with 16 weeks fully paid (4 weeks for non-birthing parents). By allowing generous parental leave, we are supporting our employees through huge milestones and demonstrating that we are committed to their entire identities, not just their work selves.

  • Bereavement Leave

    We recognize the need for and importance of team members taking time off in the event of the death of a loved one. To that end, all full-time team members are allowed paid bereavement leave. This policy is also extended to grieving parents (including partners) following a pregnancy loss.

  • Company-supplied Apple machine

    We ensure that every team member has an Apple machine that meets the minimum technical specs required of their role & department. We reevaluate everyone’s machines on a rolling basis and make upgrades whenever necessary.