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Jake has been making websites since, well, websites were a thing. In 2011, he founded an agency, 10up, with a vision of making premium, easy to manage websites using open platforms like WordPress. Before merging with Fueled in 2023, he bootstrapped 10up to 300 full timers, serving clients like Salesforce, Hilton, A+E, and Disney, shipping flagship projects like WhiteHouse.gov and Google’s Site Kit, and racking up dozens of award nominations, including Webby’s and Emmy’s. Passionate about an open and sustainable internet, Jake has shipped free plugins and tools downloaded over a million times, and led 10up to become one of the largest makers of WordPress – himself among the code contributors.

"Details matter. It's worth waiting to get it right. "

- Steve Jobs
Jake Goldman

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My pool, in the summer.

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