Valentina Saggese

Valentina Saggese

People & Culture Lead

About Valentina Saggese

Focused on motivating, connecting, and inspiring employees while meeting strategic business needs, Valentina takes a holistic approach, valuing the complete individual beyond just work performance. Curious, intuitive, and reliable, her positive energy permeates throughout the organisation. She prioritises understanding each team member's unique skills and contributions, fostering personal and professional growth within the organization. Valentina's passions are travel and food, better if combined.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. "

- George Orwell
Valentina Saggese

Favorite Spot

St Moritz, Switzerland

Fleek or weak

Problem Solving
Crushing It
Costume Party Organizer
Salsa Dancing
Slack Emoji Creating
Valentina Saggese

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